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Scribbled Note is a document White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake) . It details the instructions for the Safe at Gym Storage Room.

It is exclusive to the remake version.


It is found in Gym Storage Room on the 2nd floor of Main Building, Section 1.


Scribbled Note

Left then right, right then left.

??-??-??-?? (Random)

Don't wear a hat when seeing the school nurse.
(I think she hates hats.)

휘갈겨 쓴 메모

까먹지 말자!
왼쪽 다음엔 오른쪽, 오른쪽 다음엔 왼쪽.

??-??-??-?? (Random)

양호선생님과 만날 땐, 모자를 쓰지 말자.
(모자를 싫어하시는 것 같다.)

Further Note