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See also: Ntreev Soft and ROI Games

"For fun For new For you"
Sonnori's slogan
Sonnori Logo(from 1998 - 2003)

Logo of Sonnori
(used from 1998 to 2003)

Sonnori Co Logo (2006)

Sonnori's Logo
(2003 ~ )

Sonnori (손노리) was a South Korean company that was established in July, 1992 as an Indie game development team. After belonging as a team of Softry (1994) and Phantagram (1997). The company became independent in February 1998.[1] The company became a subsidiary of CJ Games in 2011 and dissolved shortly after.

Sonnori are best known for their work on the Astonishia Story games and White Day.[2]Their last game was Astonishia Story Online.

Later, It's former CEO, Lee Won Sool, has established ROI Games whom worked on the remake of White Day.


1992 - 2003

Sonnori and Ntreev 's history is equal to from 1992 to 2003.
See Sonnori and Ntreev Soft Company History


'WhiteDay' released.


Merged with Locus Holdings, Inc. - Sonnori Game Development & Business Headquarter team founded.


'Astonishia Story R'(RPG-PC), PC Online Game 'Monster KuruKuru' (Arcade), PC Online Game 'Cartoon Racer' (Casual Racing) launched


Plenus, Inc( former: Locus Holdings). divides into Ntreev Soft Co.,Ltd. and Sonnori Co., Ltd.


Sonnori and, 'STYLIA' (PC Webgame Potal) Project launched.
[Sonnori made Jeonpa Sonyeondan (전파 소년단), [Translate : Radio wave Boy Scouts](online action-shooting), 'Love Forty'(online tennis game)]


Sonnori portable game team separated. Portable game team was established Ironnos.


'Astonishia Story 2'(= 'Crimson Gem Saga' )launched (2D mobile.ver / PSP version launched 2008)


Webgame Potal 'STYLIA' Service Closed. Began to develop Nintendo DS game title.
('Close shave!! Rescue plan for Universe Union's Official natural monument No.522-8934 mankind'
/ Stop Development since 2012 )


'Astonishia Story Online'(PC) First Closed-beta test.


CJ Games (After: Netmable) acquired Sonnori. announced
Lee Won-sool(Sonnori 's co-founder,CEO and developer) took office as the CEO of Turnon games, which is CJ games 's subsidiary company.


Lee Won-sool leave a Turnon games. According to reports was not merged but it is Corporate state remain on paper only. [3]


Lee Won-sool has founded ROI Games which is Roi visual's (3D animation studio)'s subsidiary company. [4]


Game Name Genre Platform Release Date Developer Publisher
Astonishia Story RPG PC 1994 Sonnori
Darkside Story (Link:Kor) Beat-'em-Up PC 1995 Sonnori
Forgotten Saga(Link:Kor) RPG PC 1997 Sonnori
Steel Empire(Link:Kor) Strategy PC 1998 Sonnori
Arcturus (Link:Kor) RPG PC 2000 Co-develop by Gravity, Sonnori
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Horror PC 2001 Sonnori
Oh! Jaemi


PC 2002 Sonnori
Astonishia Story R (remake) RPG PC, Mobile, PSP


Trickster MMORPG PC 2003 Sonnori->Ntreev Soft

Sports / Golf

PC (MMOG) 2004 Transferred to Ntreev Soft during development.
Cartoon Racer Casual, Racing PC (MMOG) 2002 Sonnori
Monster Kuru Kuru Action, Arcade PC (MMOG) 2003 Sonnori
Norimax Heroes RPG, Strategy Mobile 2005 Co-develop by Softmax,Sonnori
Astonishia Story 2 (Crimson Gem Saga) RPG Mobile
/ PSP, iOS
/ 2008
/ Ironnos (Former Sonnori's Mobile game studio)
Romance of Package Games Collection / Box Set PC 7 January, 2005 Sonnori Sonnori
Jeonpa Sonyeondan Action, Side-Scrolling PC (MMOG) 2006 Sonnori
Love Forty Sports / Tennis PC (MMOG) 2006 Sonnori
Astonishia Story Online MMORPG PC 2010 (※discontinue development)

Further NotesEdit

  • Ironically, Astonishia Story was Sonnori's first game and their last game was also an "Astonishia Story" Game.
  • Sonnori's only horror game is White Day.
  • Originally, Sonnori was established by a bunch of friends as an Indie game studio.


External LinksEdit


  1. Ntreev Soft Company History Sonnori and Ntreev 's history is equal from 1992 to 2003.
  2. A History of Korean Gaming - Sonnori, Ntreev, Ironnos section History of Sonnori, Ntreev, Ironnos.
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