Sonnorigun (also known as P) is a mascot created by Sonnori and is also an easter egg character in both White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (2001) and a minor character in the multiplayer expansion Oh! Jaemi.


Sonnorigun appears as a bald short character with few hairs coming out of the top of his head, he wears shorts and a white shirt, he appears in the Vending machine which be be unlocking using P's Vending Machine Key and also appears on a construction sign in the New Building of Yeondu High School.

He also appears as a locket for Seong-ah's extra unlockable costume and the multiplayer expansion Oh! Jaemi.

He does not appear in the remake.

Further NotesEdit

  • Passman is another mascot of Sonnori.
    In the White Day Original, It was eventually removed but it's textures were leftover in the data files.


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