Spirit-Bell is an item in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake).

In the Korean version, It is called Fox Bell (Hangul: 여우방울 ).


If the user doesn't have this item, the user will not be able to move from the New Building to the Main Building Section 2.
The user will be wandering in the non-ending repeated hallway and will meet the Fox Spirit.


It is found in the Occult Club's cabinet on the 1st floor of the New Building.

Getting it

After Night duty teacher gives you the Blue Keycard, You have to go to the Earth Science Lab, note the London (Greenwich) time and read the 'World Time document' in order to set the other clocks properly. Set the Clock times probably according to Greenwich GMT time, Beijing +8 (Clock in Computer Lab ), Moscow +3 (Clock in Art Studio), and Washington -3 (Clock in Occult Club), accordingly, after that the cabinnet will unlock and you can get it.

Further Notes