Plate Taegeuk (태극패) or Yin-Yang token is equipable item in White Day: ALNS.
It is used to Defeating Spider Ghost (Original) or Eun-ah (remake) at the Music Appreciation Room, New Building.


It is found on the lectern at the Library 2, 4th floor of the New Building.


It is a plate of wood studded with copper mirror and it has the power to cast out evil spirits and In the remake ver, It changes to wooden amulet which engraved Taegeuk pattern.

If equipped with plate, it is shining to reflect the surrounding light and In the remake ver, It's emit light itself in the dark Music Appreciation Room.
After Defeating the ghost of the Music Appreciation Room, copper mirror is broken but the remake ver, it doesn't break or not used because it isn't a Cupper mirror.

Except the Music Appreciation Room, the plate is no effect of defeating for Spider Ghost in the other classrooms.

Further Note