The Attendance Ghost is the ghost of girl student that died in Yeondu High School. She is a new ghost exclusive to the the remake ver.

The Ghost Story

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※ It is possible When you play the Hard mode or above. In PS4/PC version, it's possible in Super Easy Mode or more.


She doesn't exist in the original game but there is a 2d leftover of hers in the data


She appears in the Classroom 2-11 at Main Building Section 1. She appears when you look at the Attendance book on the Lecture stand.

Appearance Conditions

You need Gym Teacher's Cap as for her appearance condition.

In the Mobile Remake ver, It is found in the Nurse's Office at Main Building Section 2.
In the PS4/PC Remake ver, It is found in the cabinet of Gym Storage Room at Main Building Section 1.

Further Notes

  • She is estimated to attack the players with a Gym Teacher's Cap, because of the hatred for Gym Teacher.
  • There is a leftover 2d texture (like the other ghosts) in the original game, showing a girl standing which could be her.
  • In the mobile remake ver, she appears at the door near the blackboard in front side of the classroom. But in the PC version, she appears at the door near the cabinet behind side the classroom.