The Housemistress Spirit (Hangul여사감의 원혼 ) is the ghost of a formerly deceased female teacher (female housemaster) who used to work in Yeondu High School. She was rather referred to as "The Tiger" by Students due to her harsh punishments such as cutting the hair of female students.

After her supposed death, her spirit/ghost had been haunting the school ever since and due to the paranormal events that occurred to the Amulets in Yeondu High School during 2001, she appeared more often and was encountered by Lee Hui-min.

Her backstory is told in School Ghost Stories (1).


Main article: School Ghost Stories (1)


※ It is possible When you play the Hard mode or more.
In PS4/PC version, it's possible in Super Easy Mode or more. However, her appearance is set to low rate.


She only exists in School Ghost Stories (1), where her story is told.


At Main building Area 2, 3rd floor, Girl's Toilet, When you looking at the second mirror, She will open the door right behind your back. And if you open the door for exiting outside, she will suddenly run toward you and you will get damage.

School Ghost Stories (1) content has also changed a little bit, And there is new document, Her dying message has a hint for the locker password on Student Department Office.

In the PS4/PC version, a short cutscene is played when she is triggered. She will began snipping very fast and charge at the player, however, she shortly disappears when the player turn around. Upon exiting the bathroom, she will grab the player and stab him.

Appearance Conditions

Cigarette in remake


You need Cigarette as for her appearance condition. it's on the door frame of last toilet cubicle of bathroom at first floor in Main building area 1.

Further notes

  • She is holding a scissor in her hand, which she used to cut the girl students hair.
  • Her appearance is exclusive to the Remake.
  • She has an appearance similar to that of a Zombie due to her pose and bloodied abdomen.
  • Though unrelated, the scissors could be a possible reference to Clock Tower scissor man. Another popular asian horror franchise.