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The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth (Original)

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An image of the labyrinth.

The Labyrinth (Hangul: 미궁) is the ending level in White Day: ALNS, it is a world of the dead and the another world, it is located within the school itself (presumed).


The Labyrinth is located within the school, but in the world of the dead ( or another world ). It is presumed that it had been created by The Master of the Labyrinth. However, the purpose of the labyrinth is quite unknown.

Upon entering the labyrinth in chapter 5, The Master of the Labyrinth, Hui-min has to collect all 5 amulets hidden around the labyrinth to avoid from The Master of the Labyrinth.

Futher NotesEdit

LabyrinthALabyrinthA school
The Labyrinth is similar to architecture of the school.
( In the remake ver.)

  • During the few loading screens, a picture of the labyrinth appears.
  • Even though it's a labyrinth, there's no diverging paths, meaning that the player cannot get stuck. It may have been made like this to avoid frustration.
  • The Labyrinth appears in the school and is the last area in the game. The full title of the game has the Labyrinth in it. It is taken from the name of the main soundtrack (which existed before the game).
  • The Labyrinth consists of five sections. Each section has a different color and width. (Original)
  • In the Remake, There is no attack of The Master of the Labyrinth.
  • Conversations of while escape the labyrinth give to know the facts of the case.
  • In the Remake, The collecting order of the Amulets was written in a document called the Class Data (2) / Class Materials (2).


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