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The School 2: Swan Song[note 1] known as White Day: Swan Song[note 2] (Hangul: 화이트데이: 스완송 ; RRhwaiteudei: seuwansong) in Korea, is an upcoming first person survival horror video game and is the sequel to The School: White Day.

It serves as a prequel to "White Day" in terms of plot and is the second main installment in the White Day / The School series and the third title in the franchise. It is currently under development exclusively for PlayStation 4 (PSVR) by ROI Games on the Unreal Engine 4 and is targeted for a 2017 Release date in Korea.


Chronologically, the game is a "prequel" set six years prior to the first game. The story reveals the truth behind the suicide cases which were briefly mentioned in the first game and it involves a new cast where Yeondu High School is temporarily closed due to the cases of suicide.

6 Students, a male senior student and 5 female students, enter Yeondu High School in the middle of the night to uncover the secret related to the death and suicide of several students and friends and a mysterious song.[1]


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5 characters were revealed including a main heroine, though the identity of the protagonist wasn't revealed.


Because the game is set 6 years before the first game, thus taking place in 1995, Yeondu High School will be different:

  • There won't be a New Building as it wasn't built yet.
  • The basement and 4th floor of the Main Building will be accessible (they were locked in 2001 / in the first game).


It's been revealed that the game will follow its predecessor in terms of gameplay but with major changes to the UI (user interface) designed for VR and the removal of the running ability. Both of these features have been adapted to reduce chances of suffering from a simulation sickness while playing the game.[2]


Originally announced in 2015 and showcased in teaser as "White Day PSVR" running on the PlayStation 4 (PSVR), showing the actual remake running with PSVR Capability, the teaser shows the janitor following Lee Hui-min as Seol Ji-hyun is grabbed by Hui-min and both hiding in the registration room, eventually she turns into the Spider Ghost where the teaser ends.[3][4][5]

In May 10, 2016, White Day: Swan Song was officially revealed in Sony Computer Entertainment Korea's PlayStation Developer Conference 2016, where a teaser trailer was shown along with information disclosed of the characters in the game, the main heroine and features of the game system, It's been revealed that the UI would be adapted for VR and the running feature was disabled/removed to prevent virtual reality sickness.[2][6] 5 characters were revealed including a main heroine, though the identity of the protagonist wasn't revealed, assumed to be a male protagonist making up a total of 6 main characters. Korean Photographer Rotta was also revealed to be on the development team and he will photograph "real life" female models for them to make the female characters.[1]

In July 28, 2016, the game's English title ( The School: Swan Song ) was announced in PS VR Asia Conference 2016. It was given a tentative release date of 2016 Q4.[7]

The first playable tech demo of the game was exhibited in Ani-Com & Games (ACG) Hong Kong 2016.[citation needed]

In November 17, 2016, The Demo version of 'The School: Swan Song' was exhibited in G-Star 2016 (Video game trade show in Korea) and New information was announced. The game was revealed to be running on the Unreal Engine 4 (unlike it's predecessor which ran on the Unity Engine) and a new place was shown to be explorable in Yeondu High School which are pretty much the locked basement and outside the building in the previous game and a new game-play feature was revealed. It was also given a new release date of 2017.[citation needed]

Further notesEdit

  • In the conceptual teaser trailer revealed at G-Star 2015 Korea event, the running feature was still present and the teaser demo was merely based on the remake.
  • This is the first sequel to White Day / The School, the second major release being a remake of the first game.
  • ROI Games openly stated that "White Day did not meet overseas sales expectations. So we prepared to release it on Steam" and currently, "Swan Song" is expected to be released in Korea and any release in other countries aren't known.[2] However, in ACGHK 2016 they announced the western title of the game: "The School: Swan Song" and had a VR demo for people to play, no actual footage was released to the public. This could be possibly due to the demand for the game to release quickly by many people on Steam.
  • Though initially overseas release was excluded from ROI's targeted audience as revealed in an interview, it is likely they changed their mind since the overseas/western title was revealed.
  • This is the third time in a row in the White Day/The School franchise that a new engine is used. First being Wang Real, then Unity, then Unreal Engine 4.
  • In the English/Global logo "The School: Swan Song" the Swan in the back is shaped to look like number "2" which may be intentional.






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  1. The English title ( The School: Swan Song ) was introduced in the PS VR Asia Conference on July 28th.
  2. The swan song is a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement.

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