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Further notes

  • The coin in the remake has an embossed text that reads "Since 1953" which could be a hint to the establishment of the school or when the school currency was first created. It's also the year when the Korean War ended.
  • Unlike the original game, Lee Hui-min's name is fixed in this game and cannot be changed.
  • The plot was extended, endings were updated / altered, ghost stories were restored, new stories and ghosts were added, deleted ghosts were remade and added back, majority of ghosts are actually 3D rendered, several items and special items required to witness ghosts were added, various collections and other features were also added. The game also features multiple unlockable and DLC costumes.
  • A Multiplayer Mode was seen early in development and wasn't included in the final version.
  • According to ROI Games, the game sales overseas didn't meet their expectations; this is generally due to lesser interest in mobile games or buying mobile games in other countries.
  • The game was renamed overseas but the exact reason wasn't made clear, when asked, ROI Games stated that it's due to them wanting to expand the series and that "White Day" isn't a common name / known term overseas.[1] This was however undone for the remastered/updated console and PC version of the game, perhaps due to negative respone from fans against the name change.
  • The Japanese localized version of the game features a different setting where names of locations and characters are changed to Japanese ones and the Ghost Stories were also changed respectively, omitting any references to the Korean/Japanese war as well.





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