Trigram is an item in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake PC/PS4 ver).


It is a necessary item to play Yoo Ji-min route.
This item can only be obtained when playing Yoo Ji-min route.

Name Korean Name Image The way to Acquisition
Metal Trigram 금[金]의 괘
Metal Trigram
Metal Trigram 2
Move to where there are white light pillar.
Wood Trigram 목[木]의 괘
Wood Trigram
After acquiring the Metal Trigram, Move to where there are green light pillar.
Earth Trigram 토[土]의 괘
Earth Trigram
After acquiring the Wood Trigram, Move to where there are bright yellow light pillar.
Water Trigram 수[水]의 괘
Water Trigram
After acquiring the Earth Trigram, Move to where there are blue light pillar.
Fire Trigram 화[火]의 괘
Fire Trigram
After acquiring the Water Trigram, Move to where there are red light pillar.

To acquire this trigram, you must acquire each trigram in the correct order.
The Information about to the correct order can be found in the some spell document.


If the user plays the Yoo Ji-min route, user can be acquired this item at the another labyrinth.

Further Notes