Unlockable and Paid DLC Costumes in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School and the remake can be worn by Seong-ah, Ji-hyun and So-yeong. Additionally in the remake, Hui-min, Son Dal-su and Lee Bong-gu also get their own costumes.

화이트 데이 : 학교하는 이름의 미궁(2001)리메이크 버전(2015)에서의 유료 DLC와 잠금 해제 의상.

White Day A Labyrinth Named School (2001)Edit

In the original version, if the player clears the White Chrysanthemum ending on normal mode or higher and collects all the Collectable Game Packages, the ability to apply alternate costumes, as well as players' custom made skins, is unlocked.

A Janitor Disguise Kit was planned as an unlockable, and was partially included in the game, but was ultimately scrapped.

White Day A Labyrinth Named School (2015)Edit

Downloadable Content Menu (English)

Downloadable Content & Change Costumes Menu(English)

Unlockable CostumesEdit

There are certain conditions that when achieved in the White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake), players can unlock costumes. (example: Collect all the Ghost Collections, Achieving B+ / A+ / S+ rank... etc.). Below is a list of these costumes and methods for unlocking them:

Costume name Image Feature Condition for unlocking
"Dandy Guy" Costume
Hui-min's Costume -Dandy guy- Ghost Collections Collect all School Ghost Stories and Ghosts. (20 Ghosts & 20 Documents, Total = 40)
"Simple Lady" Costume
Ji-hyeon's Costume -Simple Lady- Play Rank Collections Achieve "B+" rank or higher.
"Hot Girl" Costume
Seong-ah's Costume -Hot girl- Play Rank Collections Achieve "A+" rank or higher.
"Elegant Dress" Costume
So-yeong's Costume -Elegant Dress- Play Rank Collections Achieve "S+" rank or higher.
"Solemn Memory" Costume
Bong-gu's Costume-Solemn Memory- Old Figures Collections Collect all Old Figures in Wang Real (King Real) Mode. Total figures are 7
"Biker" Costume
Dal-su's Costume -Bikers- Ending Collections Collect all endings for each Difficulty Mode.

DLC CostumesEdit

Additionally, several DLC Costumes are released ( Limited sales during a specific time period ) and can be purchased and once purchased they become available in the costumes menu.





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