Note: My previous blog page was accidentally deleted by me. So I would have to start it from scratch. By the way, if you want the file, go join the discord channel and message me.

READ ME! and Instructions texts are re-formatted and it's more nicer. EVERYTHING COMES FROM 김디깅 in the beginning before the later comes from mine.

Korean (Google Translation):

참고 : 내 이전 블로그 페이지는 실수 나에 의해 삭제되었습니다. 그래서 나는 처음부터 시작해야합니다.

읽어봐! 지침 텍스트는 다시 포맷되고 더 좋네요. 모든에서 오는 김 디깅 처음에.


Mods / 반점

Ultimate Fan Patch / 얼티 메이트 팬 패치입니다:

Original Post

  • Glowstick is back and now functional (KOREAN / ENGLISH FEATURE)
  • Few deleted events are added (KOREAN / ENGLISH FEATURE)
  • Few deleted documents are added (KOREAN / ENGLISH FEATURE)
  • A few differences (KOREAN / ENGLISH FEATURE)
  • Some ghosts and some deleted items are back (ENGLISH FEATURE)

March 14 Unfinished Hardcore Mode (W.I.P ; Slowly Progress) / 아직 끝나지 않은 3월 14일 하드코어:

Original Post

  • Glowstick is back (KOREAN / ENGLISH FEATURE)
  • New gameplay elements are added (KOREAN FEATURE)
  • New walking motion (KOREAN FEATURE)
  • Deleted ghosts are added (KOREAN FEATURE)
  • New jumpscares are added (KOREAN FEATURE)
  • Few deleted events are added (KOREAN / ENGLISH FEATURE)
  • Few deleted documents are added (KOREAN / ENGLISH FEATURE)

Bugs / Crash / 버그

Polygon Model 다각형 모델

When you equip the glowstick, you will see a polygon shaped like phone model outside of the map. This was fixed in Version 2.0.

글로 스틱을 장착하면지도 외부에 전화 모델과 같은 모양의 다각형이 보입니다. 이 문제는 버전 2.0에서 수정되었습니다.

Crash after loading screen / 로딩 화면 후 충돌

This game absolutely loved to crash for no reasons because you try to mod too much.

This happens probably because I might have messed up the script lines.

이 게임은 너무 많은 수정을 시도하기 때문에 아무 이유없이 충돌하는 것을 절대적으로 사랑했습니다.

내가 스크립트 라인을 엉망 수도 있기 때문에 이것은 아마 발생합니다.

Change log

Ultimate Fan Patch

1.665 A.K.A English Version 1.0 Changelog (Soft Opening of Ultimate Fan Patch) (12/7/2016):

  • Added Glowstick and is now functional
  • Added the uses of First-Aid Bandage and Vitamin Energy Drink
  • Modify the texts a little
  • Added the first three First-Aid Bandages to the Main Building 1
  • Added White Day Candy, So-Young's Diary and Two coins back
  • Removed the disposal command from those twos

1.666_V1 A.K.A English Version 1.1 Changelog (Boring Update) (23/7/2016):

  • Modify some texts
  • Added Fire Axe

1.666_V2 A.K.A English Version 2.0 Changelog (Nothing else brings up the excitement) (10/11/2016):

  • Relocate the Wire cutter to where the prototype location was
  • Re-edit Seong-Ah position so that she would not clipped through the table
  • Equipping Glowstick should now display a model and an animation to your right
  • Glowstick now have its own inventory design! (Not Swapping Candle Design)
  • The cat should no longer appeared in the bathroom
  • Relocate the two first-aid bandages to different locations
  • Added one Vitamin Energy Drink to the first main building

1.667 Changelog A.K.A English Version 3.0 (Tune Up The Game) (28/11/2016):

  • Added Ghost in the closet event
  • Added Five Candles and its uses (Their in the inventory for now... 5 candles)
  • Added Fire Extinguisher Lever and its uses (The object and the item itself will disappear after Eun-mi's death is triggered. Will fixed it in the next version.)
  • Added Grandfather Ghost (Completely disabled for now because this ghost crash for the next map for no reason.)
  • Fixed Sanitary Gloves crash

1.668 A.K.A English Version 4.0 Changelog (Bringing Up The Next Level) (1/12/2016):

  • Fire Operating Equipment should not disappear
  • Added Boys' and Girls' Shower Room Key and it uses
  • Relocated the two fire extinguishers to the shower room
  • Enabled Grandfather Ghost (Fixed)
  • Going back to the valve part will not trigger the already triggered cutscenes
  • Grandfather Ghost has its own ghost stories (Fan Made) (In Main Building 1)
  • Modify some texts

1.669 A.K.A English Version 5.0 Changelog (Flowing Up!) (4/12/2016):

  • You can open the Boys' Locker with a key (There's something in it...)
  • Added Boys' Changing Room Locker Key and its uses
  • Added Boys' Changing Room Key and its uses
  • Fire Extinguisher Lever, Boys' Shower Room Key and Girls' Shower Room Key have english texts for using it
  • Improve few of the texts
  • Boys' Changing Room Door should remained locked after and before unless it's being unlocked from the key
  • Improved Eun-mi's death cutscenes by enlarging the space position to trigger
  • Added a lock to the boys' changing room door

1.670 A.K.A English Version 6.0 Changelog (BLIND-ASS-STAB-SHOCK) (??/12/2017):

Need to do:

  • Added So-young's Locket and it uses - Done!
  • So-young's Locket will appear when tree ghost appears - Done!
  • Added Blackboard Ghost (Na-hyae) (There are two parts of her ghost animations) - Done!
  • Added Taser and it uses (Thanks to 김디깅) - Working on it!
  • Added Pepper Spray and it uses (Thanks to 김디깅) - Done!
  • Rewrote Glowstick with new function plus HD icon (Thanks to 김디깅) - Done!
  • Extend the Glowstick 'timing to make it fair as the new function has been added - Done!
  • Added Pepper Spray (Main Building 1) and Taser (New Building) in the game - Partially Done!
  • Added Deleted Cat Event (Thanks to 김디깅) - Not Done!
  • Rewrote some texts - Partially Done!
  • Added Fire Shutter Key and it uses - Done!
  • Fixed White Day Candy,So-young's Diary and Coins Quantity - Done!

Undecided Decisions

1.670 A.K.A English Version 6.0 Changelog:

  • Putting Fire Shutter Key in the drawer
    • Have no idea if I wanted to...
  • Edit "Screeching / Tearing" Audio and attach the sound to "Haunted Head Ghost" image
    • I'm currently doing it and I'm still trying to find a way to do it.

More Info about how deleted items would work (Excluding haven't planned yet)

  • First-Aid Bandage are common health recovery item that can be found in all areas except Gym. They only recover a bit of health to the player. They're only currently found in main building 1. Main building 2 and New building coming soon.
  • Vitamin Energy Drink are medium health recovery item that can be found in all areas except Gym. They only recover half of the health to the player. They're only currently found in main building 1. Main building 2 and New building coming soon.
  • Glowstick are self-contained, short-term equipable light source item that is only found in Main Building 1. They're similar to matches but they're more brighter and clearer similar to flashlight.
  • Candle are equpiable light source item that can be found in certain rooms except Gym. They're limited light source similar to matches and glowstick but the player loses each candle when they ran out.
  • Fire Extinguisher Lever are general item that is only obtainable in Gym after you had place the valve. They can be used on a fire operating equipment, which will activate the sprinkler as a second stage of activation.
  • Boys' and Girls' Shower Room Key are general key items that can be found at Gym. They can be used to unlock the shower doors to get to the fire extinguisher.
  • Boys' Changing Room Locker Key are general key items that can be found at Gym. They can be used to unlock lockers from the boys' changing room.
  • Boys' Changing Room Key are general key items that can be found at Gym. They can be used to unlock the lock from the boys' changing room door.
  • So-young's Locket are general enhancement items that can be found in Main Building 1. After So-young was captured, her locket dropped out from her pocket. Picking up will boost twice your relationship with So-young. There's no need to give her back. In this way, you can get the White Chrysanthemum easier.
  • Taser are defense equippable items that can be used to shock the janitors. Instead of zapping the ass, you can zap anywhere on the janitor.
  • Pepper Spray are defense equippable items that can be used to blind the janitors. You have to spray on the janitors face to blind them for certain amount of time.

More info about deleted ghosts would work (2D Ghosts) (excluding not planned yet)

(All ghosts can hurt you.)

  • Grandfather Ghost A.K.A The Prey And The Predator (Made up) will only appear similar to Haunted Head Ghost. He only appears on the first floor, staring at you from the window. He can be only found in main building 1. He will display a screeching sound (placeholder only).
  • Woman in the closet will only appear similar to Haunted Head Ghost. She only appears on the second floor, P.E department room. She hides in the closet and she will spooked you if you open the closet.
  • The child who is solving a problem will only appear similar to Haunted Head Ghost. She only appears on the second floor, Class 2-11. She can hurt you.

Videos / Trailer

White Day The Ultimate Fan Patch (Trailer ; Showcase)04:18

White Day The Ultimate Fan Patch (Trailer ; Showcase)



Go to our fandom wiki discord. I will provide you the link there when you ask me. I hate HD remaster mod.


Others you would like to see:


Mode Collection


  • Mi-Suk (Reversed Ghost) - Considering 김디깅 has already did the thing and is still improving in case of bugs, might be worth of shot to wait.
  • Deleted Cat Event - 김디깅 made this for someone who is trying to revive/restore the ghost school tragedy version.

Place it in the script file. Not the .wep file.

// if($현재스테이지 == "본관1" && $Mission4_나무 == OFF && $본관1_세환_남은심장 == 7)

// {

// SetTimer(1,"o_고양이출몰장._고양이");

// SetTimer(2,"오브젝트_유저._고양이출몰장");

// }



// SendMessage("사운드","연주","고양이.wav");

// SendMessage("유저","위치쳐다보기","" + GetObjPos("고양이"));

// SendMessage("자막", "활성화", "");

// SendMessage("자막", "와이드모드", "켜기");




// SendMessage("사운드","연주","고양이울음.wav");

// SendMessage("유저","쳐다보지말기","");

// SendMessage("고양이","애니메이션","서있기");

// SendMessage("나무아랫쪽고양이", "켜기", "");

// SendMessage("나무아랫쪽고양이", "애니메이션", "들썩들썩");

// SendMessage("자막", "비활성", "");

// SendMessage("자막", "와이드모드", "끄기");

// if($문_교실2_2앞 == LOCK)

// {

// DeleteObject("자물쇠_2학년2반");

// $문_교실2_2앞 = UNLOCK;

// }

// $문_1층방화셔터 = UNLOCK;

// RunScript("1층방화셔터","문_본관1._열려있어2");

// RunScript("문_2층방화셔터","문_본관1._열려있어2");

// RunScript("문_중앙통로","문_본관1._열려있어2");

// RunScript("문_체육창고b","문_본관1._열려있어");

// RunScript("문_2층시작통로","문_본관1._열려있어");

// RunScript("문_2학년2반","문_본관1._열려있어");

// SendMessage("유저", "이동속도", "0");

// SetTimer(4, "o_고양이출몰장._시작");




// if($Mission4_나무 == ON)

// DeleteObject("");




// if($Mission4_나무 == OFF)

// SendMessage("", "끄기", "");

// // if($Mission4_나무 == ON)

// DeleteObject("");




// if($캐비닛열어봤냐 == 0)

// {

// ChangeObjValue("고양이출몰장", "OpenFlag", OPEN);

// SendMessage("고양이출몰장", "애니메이션", "열기");

// $캐비닛열어봤냐 = 1;

// DeleteObject("고양이");

// RunScript("문_2층중앙통로","문_본관1._열려있어2");

// RunScript("문_체육창고b","문_본관1._열려있어");

// RunScript("문_2층시작통로","문_본관1._열려있어");

// RunScript("문_2학년8반","문_본관1._열려있어");

// }




// if($캐비닛열어봤냐 == 0)

// {

// SendMessage("고양이출몰장", "애니메이션", "흔들리기");

// SetTimer(3, "o_고양이출몰장._흔들리기");

// }




// RunScript("","_whiteday.FlashBack");

// SendMessage("자막", "활성화", "");

// SendMessage("자막", "와이드모드", "켜기");

// SendMessage("유저","위치","" + FindPoint("고양이쳐다보기"));

// SendMessage("고양이","위치","" + FindPoint("고양이달리기"));

// SendMessage("고양이","애니메이션","달리기");

// SendMessage("유저","쳐다보기","고양이 1000");

// SendMessage("정숙팻말", "애니메이션", "넘어지기");

// SetTimer(8, "o_고양이출몰장._종료");




// RunScript("","_whiteday.FlashBack");

// SendMessage("자막", "비활성", "");

// SendMessage("자막", "와이드모드", "끄기");

// DeleteObject("고양이");

// SendMessage("유저","쳐다보지말기","");

// SendMessage("유저","위치","" + FindPoint("다시체육창고"));

// SendMessage("유저","회전","180");

// SendMessage("유저", "이동속도", "1");



Did you know?

  • It was originally supposed to be english version without adding any new features at all (Simple Explanation: Changing Korean to English without any script changing). But that was quickly changed. The original concept was supposed to be adding different things but I decided to scrapped it. The main concept is now focusing on deleted items and stuff.
  • I almost abandoned this mod because of the crash that came from adding more items in the game. This was fixed.
  • Loose Translation of the old korean mod is "Flower Garden", which is wrong. I named it to "Ultimate Fan Patch".

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