I think I found a way to rename the lavelnames. Not very useful anywhere, other than eliminating Korean characters for the savegame name. I should come up with a better naming, though. "1st wing of the Main Building" is a lot longer than what the game is set for.


Savegames with English level names

Also, I don't think this has ever been said before, but typing a number after a cheat code will result in acquiring that amount of the object. E.g.

"머거.도시락 10" will give you 10 Lunchboxes. Doing this with objects of which you should only have one will work but may result in weird behavior. That is to say, don't cheat to get 99 Wood Amulets; the game will not appreciate it.

And something about namecheats. I found the operation in script, responsible for the 108 Lunchboxes namecheat, but none for the other ones. Unsurprisingly, the 108 Lunchboxes namecheat was the only one that worked for me, when I was testing them. So I assume others don't work in the latest version, except, maybe, the ones that result in different Seong-Ah responses, when you tell her your name, but I never bothered to try those out.

The whole reason I mess around with scripts, above all, is finding a way to translate the date. I didn't even get close to that yet.

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