First of all, seeing as a lot of us have decided to work together to make the next version of the community patch the best version possible, I have taken the liberties and duties to ensure that things go smoothly, on the other hand, Emuyia (John/Unnamed) is back to lend a hand and assemble the patch/mod, Hgdagon is helping with the launcher, and other things, Myfffff1989 lent a hand to help us with a few Korean to English translations and texture transcriptions. So thanks to them and everyone who is helping out (even you can help if you want!).

About what I'm doing

What I am doing (my part in the community patch):
White day 2001 community patch HD signs Mrox2

An example showing recreated signs and remastered blackboard - board on the right based on a remake texture. Transcription by User:Myfffff1989

  • Restoring textures at higher resulotion, including environments, objects, backgrounds, artworks and paintings (got the source formats) and so on.
  • Recreating some ghosts in both 2D/3D in terms of scripting (yes its possible, although a bit complex and limited until we have proper .pet 3d model exporter plugin with skeleton, animations and collision support (Thanks for HSReina for all of her/his hard work!)
  • Option better sound effects where possible.

In terms of HD textures and restoring textures I go by these rules:

  • If it exists in the remake (mobile/pc) version at good resolution and quality and is similar to the original game, then it will be edited and used to fit in the original game.
  • If it doesn't exist in the remake or its in bad quality/low resolution then I will remake it from scratch (Already did a bunch of these and it feels satisfying to do).
  • If the texture has Korean text then it will remain Korean, the remake changed nothing in terms of textures so why would we? its set in Korea after all and the Korean fans are keeping an eye on this mod/patch already so they are also my target audience in mind (otherwise it would be like the Japanese localization version -_-)


  • To provide a better experience for those that want to play the original game or prefer the original game for whatever reason (yes some people do - not me though).'
  • Because who doesn't love sharp textures with clear text and details?
  • Because I love the game, the series now that its a series and its back, and to show ROI Games that we do have interest in the game, if anything I would be happy to offer my work for them if they intend to release a classic version (this old 2001 version) on steam with the improvements as options (though unlikely to happen).
  • To show what I can do myself and what a community together can achieve is even better.


More soon to come!

White Day (2001) - HD Texture Mod & Better Translation (Preview 1)12:43

White Day (2001) - HD Texture Mod & Better Translation (Preview 1)

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