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Remake Vending machine



Vending machines are found all over the school. The player can purchase items that will restore their health, with a price.

Purchasable Items
Locations of Vending Machines (Original)

Remake Edit

In the remake, the three types of machines that were featured in the original have been integrated into one. The machines are located relatively in the same locations as in the original.

Locations of Vending Machines (Remake)


  • There's three different vending machines that sell their own specific item: Soyabean Milk, Canned Coffee and Lunchboxes. In the remake this has changed, as a single machine can sell milk, coffee, and lunchboxes.
  • Coins are used to buy items from the vending machines.
  • In the remake, The machine has Gachyon Soft logo on surface.




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