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White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

  1. [ Scenario Mode Staff ]





Game Designer



Scenario Writer


Game Design Assistant

$이 원


Early Game Concept by


Lead Engineer & Engine Programmer


Main Scripters



Script System Engineer


Assistant Scripters

$임태근 김성익

User Interface Programmer


High Level AI Programmer


WangEd the event tool Engineer


Puppet Master the object tool Engineer


Puppet Lip Sync Tool by


Cut-Scene Technical Backup


Hangeul I/O system by


F/X Assistant

$진현성 엄태억

Launcher Programmer



Auto Update Engineer


Install Shield Mastering


Art Director


Level Modeling & Texture


Character Modeling & Texture




Character Animators



Object Modeling & Texture




Character Design & Illustration



Character Facial Texture


School Architect Designer


Storyboard & Cut-scene Artists



Cut-Scene Assistants

@진현성 박상준 이은재 이종열

F/X Design Assistant


User Interface Design


User Interface Artwork

@이재필 김희경 최혜원 김윤경

Mocap Data Fitting

$오상준 정희관

Sound Design & Engineering


Character Lip Sync



Sound F/X Library:

$Sound Ideas'

$The General 6000 & Ext. I, II

$Impact Effects

$Foley Footsteps

Voice Actors

$한소영 - 이지영

$김성아 - 양정화

$설지현 - 안주현

$최은미 - 이명선

$한나영 - 이명선

Extra Voice Actor

@수위 1, 2 - 이은석

@맞는 학생 - 이정술

@전화 안내 - 이명선

@도플갱어 - 강성안

Voice Recorded at

$Brown Media

$Studio Heaven

$Kang Production

Voice Record Engineer


Motion Capture Actors



Motion Capture Director


Motion Capture Engineer



Motion Captured at

$(주)드림모션 스튜디오

Main Theme

  1. 미궁


Vocal Performance

Record Licensed by
황병기 제 3 가야금 작품집 <미궁>, (주)성음 1993

Opening Theme

  1. 기억속으로

Music by

Record Licensed by
동물원 여덟번째 이야기 <冬畵>,

Battle Theme

  1. Run I

Music by

Ending Theme

  1. Ppalobina

Music by
$Rainy Sun

Record Licensed by
<遺憾>, Monk Munk 2000

  1. [ Multiplayer Staff ]

Lead Engineer / Network Framework


Client / 3D Programmer


Network Device / Relay Server Programmer


GUI Programmer


Game Designer


Game Design Assistants

@이은석 송병훈 임지현 이정술

Character Design & Illustration


Character Modeling & Texture



Character Animators



Level Modeling & Texture




F/X Development

$진현성 오상준

Graphic Supervisors




  1. [ Management & Support Staffs ]

Public Relations


@이정술 박혜윤

Web Designers




Advertisement Designers




Package & Manual Designers



Quality Assurance Assistant


Beta Testers

@최태영 전창우 장현석

Extra Helps

@이상번 김현수 김희경 이재원 박상원

@서윤희 서영민 김윤경 신현민 유동호

@이상원 이명운 임학수 김학준 서정훈

@송병훈 신영주 이진용 박창석 남희정

Management Support Team

$김은희 이지선

Marketing Manager



Early Advertisement Officer


Early Graphic Superviser


Senior Development Director


Executive Producer


  1. [ WIZARD SOFT Staff ]





Public Relations


Domestic Business






Overseas Business



Package Design



  1. Special Thanks to:

Students' Art Works by

@양은성 이선우 이현정 정민혁 김동겸

@김지용 박성근 오고은 안승렬 지상구

@이정원 홍수향 정수현 이은혜 심진호

@이중건 박현진 서인규 금호창

School Photographs by

@남명진 이문규

Modeled Schools





F/X Help


Fan Clubs


@천리안/ 손노리 월드

@Hitel/ 노리노리 손노리사랑

@freechal/ 손노리-화이트데이

@freechal/ Purple Dragon's Sonnori

Presented by

Thanks for playing.

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