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"Notice: Please list and add all translation errors here when found, for future preference and updates / patches."
— Jacob

Sonnori partially translated a show demo for ECTS 2000 and proceeded with translating the final game in both English and Japanese, though the translations were made by Sonnori themselves and were not finalized, the game never made it outside Korea due to poor sales.[citation needed] Though both incomplete / non-finalized translations were enabled by fan.[1][2][3]

The game was aimed for an official English localization release by the UK based company, 4AM Entertainment But was cancelled before release.

It was fan-translated by "Unnamed Game Studio" (Which was led by John) whose translation was based on Rana Northwood's English patch, which inspired him to fix the translation data and release it. The game became popular outside Korea due to that.[2][3]

However, since it was based on an incomplete translation and fan-corrections; it contains various translation errors or inconsistencies as a result.


  • Actual title has a typo where the subtitle is all small case with "School" first letter being in upper case: "White Day: a labyrinth named School"

Unnamed GS/Rana/Sonnori

The following errors may be corrected in future fan patches with properly translated scripts, item names, document text, etc...

Unnamed GS Translations were based on Rana Northwood's patch which enabled English leftover data by Sonnori, the original translation is weak and has been fixed further by Unnamed (John), However, various errors are found when compared to actual Korean script / proper English.

  • "사감의 영혼" translates to "The Housemaster Spirit" but since the housemaster is a female (a term that cannot be described in Korean) it would accurately translate to "The Housemistress Spirit" And not "The Dormitory Captain Spirit" (As it is in the Fan Translation). This is because Sonnori themselves translated the term as "Dormitory superintendent's spirit". Where the "Captain" part came from is yet to be known.
  • "벽장에 갇힌 여자" = Woman trapped in the closet, as opposed to "Woman in the closet"
  • 귀목(鬼木): In the original script, "귀목" is in Korean (Hangul) and (鬼木) is in Korean but in the Chinese equal form of it (Hanja Alphabets). It literally translates to "Ghost Tree" / "The Ghost Tree" However, fan-patch mistranslated this to "The Strange Tree" (Made Up).
  • Several documents refer to Ji-won as a female, in fact, Ji-won is a male teacher, as depicted in early versions, as he talks to you (his silhouette is seen in flashbacks) and as he appears in the remake.
  • "Chemical Solvent is mistranslated as "Acid"
  • "Wang Easy" and "Wang Real" are translated as "Very Easy" and "Very Hard"


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