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"Notice: Information about translation errors should be posted here. We could use information about the team / people that translated / localized this game here, please add it if you know while citing the source, thanks!"


  • Classroom is referred to as "Homeroom", Homeroom or advisory is the classroom session in which a teacher records attendance and makes announcements. It can also be called Registration or Planning Period. The concept is used in schools around the world.[1]
  • Names are reversed, for the western and foreign audiences, such as Kim Seong-ah being Seong-ah Kim.
  • The Housemistress Spirit (Hangul: 사감의 영혼 ) is mistranslated as "Ghost of a Houseparent", literally it would be "The Housemaster Spirit / Spirit of a Housemaster" but since the term "Housemaster" cannot be used to describe a female Housemaster, the term "Housemistress" comes into play as that cannot be described in Korean (Assumed).[2] Houseparent is literally a term referred to a married couple taking care of young people or students living in a dormitory.[3]
  • The Voice Calling Me (Hangul: 나를 부르는 목소리 ; RRnaleul buleuneun mogsoli) was mistranslated as "Voice that Beckons Me", Beckon is usually referred to a hand signature or gesture, in this case It's not a beckon but rather a voice calling, though in rare cases "beckon" is used.
  • Fox Bell (Hangul: 여우방울 ) is mistranslated as Spirit-Bell.
  • Yeondu Coin (Hangul: 연두동전 ; RRyeondu dongjeon) is mistranslated as School Coin.
  • Talismans are referred to as "Tokens" - a token is a coin like items but a Talisman is an item with a magical / lucky charm property, both Sonnori and Roi Games called them "Talismans" but the translation team changed that.
  • Taegeuk Talisman has been renamed to "Yin-Yang Token" - the symbol on the talisman/plate is not a Yin-Yang at all, but the Taegeuk from the Korean flag.


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