"Notice: Please split the soundtrack pages later as "White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake) Original Soundtrack" and "White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake) Limited Edition OST""
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So far, no original soundtrack has been released for the game, with the exception of the remake which received its own Limited Edition OST.

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (2001) Edit

Four songs were used as the soundtrack basis in the game. All of the songs are not a self-produced, the songs used in the game were formerly produced/released song.

Track Name / Usage Original Name Length Composer (Singer) Additional Info

Into the memory


1:38 Park ki-young (Composer): Member of Dongmulwon (Band)

박기영 (작곡):
동물원 (밴드)의 구성원
Released 2001, 8th album
Main Theme, 1st Boss stage and Doppelgänger BGM

The Labyrinth


17:55 Hwang Byung-ki (Composer)
& Hong Sin-Cha
[modern dancer] (Vocal)

황병기 (작곡가)
& 홍신자
[현대 무용가]
Premiere 1975, Released 1979, 3rd album
Other Boss stages + The Labyrinth BGM Run Ⅰ (arranged version) 02:22 Lee Dong-Jun

Released 1997, Lament (Korean movie) & The Gingko Bed OST[1]
Ending Palobina
(or PPalobina)
4:12 Jeong Cha-sik (Composer/Lyricist): Member of Rainy Sun (Band)

정차식 (작곡/작사):
레이니썬 (밴드)의 구성원
Released 2000, 2nd album

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (2015) Edit

The remake has its own music production for the game unlike The original.
The original soundtrack (music) has not been released yet, Currently, one can only hear the Limited edition OST (Sold only in Korea) and in the game.

The Limited edition OST contains four songs. (Opening, Main theme, Ending, Ending "Inst")

In the Japanese localization Version, The ending theme song was changed.

Track Name / Usage Original Name Length Composer (Singer) Additional Info

(Hui-min Theme)

(희민 Theme)

1:58 Park Sang-hyeok

Main Theme and 1st Boss stage, Doppelgänger BGM

The Labyrinth (Re-record ver.)

미궁 (재 녹음 판)

17:27 Hwang Byung-ki (Composer) & Yun In-suk [Soprano](Vocal)

황병기 (작곡가)
& 윤인숙 [소프라노]
Re-recorded 2015

Like a dream (Ending Theme)

꿈인 것 처럼(Ending Theme)

3:45 Park Sang-hyeok(Composer/Lyricist)
& Cho Hee (Lyricist)
Navi (Singer)

박상혁 (작곡/작사)
& 초희 (작사)
나비 (가수)
(JPN Ver.)
数多の先 ?? 阿部 隆大 (Composer)
& UYU (Lyricist)

Only included in the JPN Ver.


  1. Run I - 이동준 (Lee Dong-Jun) - Lament Track on Mnet

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