White Day Limited Edition Set (Remake) was released by ROI Games in the 26th of November, 2015.
The price of the Edition is ₩ 88,000 (KRW).
They sold only one thousand of them.


Whiteday-remake-limited edition-0

Limited Edition Set

The box set includes Variety goods.

  1. Dust bag
  2. Backpack ( Same design of the main character's backpack. )
  3. Automatic Umbrella ( The umbrella which printed a Ghost. )
  4. Artbook ( Hard cover )
  5. A Notebook for summoning ghosts & Ball-point pen
    (※Obviously, It doesn't actually work)
  6. O.S.T. CD
  7. Clear Holder
  8. Certificate about Best user
  9. Download game coupons ( Only available in T-Store ver. )
  10. Limited Edition Costumes ( Only available in T-Store ver. )
    ※ Because, Use the coupon of outside is not possible to download games.
    ( In Another market / itunes redeem code is released too little quantity )


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