Yoo Ji-min (Hangul유지민 ), is a upcoming protagonist/character in that is set to appear in the PC & PS4 versions of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (remake)

She is second protagonist in the game (PS4/PC version).


"You are going to help me out!"
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  • “고마워해요? 뭘 고마워해야 하는데요…!? 뭔가 착각 하시나 본데…”
  • “아… 파리…파리. 날파리가 또 소영언니 주변을 날아 다니겠군”
    ("Ah... fly... fly. Those boys that roam around So-young are like flies.)"


  • "Thank you? What should I thank you for?? I think you are confused!!"
  • "Ah, one after another they just keep coming, I gotta beat them up with the stick!! Uhhh!!"

The list of the 10 doodles drawn by Ji-min

Image Location Description
Ji-min's doodles 1
The corridor wall near the entrance door of classroom 2-6, Main Building, Section 1 This fly looks like Ji-hyeon...
Ji-min's doodles 2
The corridor wall between the 2 entrance door of Workshop, Main Building, Section 1 The pigeon looks sad in the drawing.
Ji-min's doodles 3
The corridor wall near the entrance doors of Home Economics Classroom, Main Building, Section 1 The cat is looking for her baby cat.
Ji-min's doodles 4
The corridor wall between 2 entrance doors of Classroom 2-1 & 2-2, Main Building, Section 1 This is a drawing of a stick bug saying something.
Ji-min's doodles 5
The wall of the space inside the Recording Room, Main Building, Section 1 The butterfly has wings in the shape of human faces.
Ji-min's doodles 6
The corridor wall between 2 entrance doors of Classroom 2-7 & 2-8, Main Building, Section 1
※ The user can check this doodle, after Ji-min leaves that place.
The fly looks like Sung-A.
Ji-min's doodles 7-1
Ji-min's doodles 7-2
The corridor wall between 2 entrance doors of Classroom 2-9 & 2-10, Main Building, Section 1 A lollipop? What does this mean?
/ SY... Does this mean So-Young?
Ji-min's doodles 8
The wall of large space next to the Gym Storage Room, Main Building, Section 1 It's a drawing of a birdcage. There is no bird inside.
Ji-min's doodles 9
The wall of the passageway that connects Main Building, Section 1 and Gym (Auditorium).
The passageway near the Gym Storage Room on the 2nd floor.
This is a drawing of a rat who is holding huge crutches.
Ji-min's doodles 10
The concrete handrail in the stair landing between the 1st and 2nd floors, Main Building, Section 1.
The stair near the Boy's/Girl's Bathroom.
There is a drawing of a crying angel.

Further notes

  • She does not appear in the mobile version (mostly due to space consumption and being the first release).
  • Not much known about her but according to the New White Day trailer, she seems to like drawing on the walls.
  • Drawing on walls could be an ability or a game mechanic that will benefit during gameplay.
  • Game community & news site wrote "White Day: A Labyrinth Named School" (The School: White Day) is a remake of the mobile version for PS4, which will not only improve graphics, but also adds a new female protagonist." and "and her new ending collection is also added." Confirming that she's getting her new ending collection (and possibly hinting at her own unique storyline).[1]
  • On June 30, 2017. White Day's Official Facebook has released a bit of information about her.
    • She is a 1st year student at Yeondu high school student and she is curious and has a habit of drawing doodles.
    • She is fascinated by So-young and admires her.
    • She regard Lee Hee-Min as a harmful bug hovering around So-young. So she is extremely alert for him.
    • A user can meet her only if certain conditions are met, and You can play a new scenario through an encounter with her.
  • In the Voice actor's interview video, This character's initial name was Min-Ji. However, After the recording of the voice actor, the character's name was changed.
  • The condition for the‘Yoo Ji-Min’event has been adjusted (to lower the difficulty) in 1.03 steam version patch or 1.02 PS4 version patch.(Hard->Normal)